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What is Forest School?

Forest School is about learning and exploring in a green space.


In the early nineties, a group of Nursery Nurses at Bridgwater College in Somerset visited Denmark to learn more about this provision. This learning was bought back to England and so the Forest School movement spread!


Various courses in Forest School have since been developed to train people in the skills needed to provide safe and enjoyable outdoor learning.

Our Funders and Supporters

  • Long Eaton Community Garden 

  • Tesco 

  • Erewash Borough Council 

  • Foundation Derbyshire 

  • Derbyshire county Council

  • Arnold Clark

  • Asda Long Eaton

  • Nottinghamshire community Foundation

  • Long Eaton WI

  • Balfour Beatty

  • Andrew Paul Furniture 

  • @Local giving's Magic little Grants

About Little Foresters 

Little Foresters is a community Interest company. We run with the support of several funders. This allows us to keep our costs low and offer a two-tiered system of payment. Any profit we make is invested back into the business.

The forest school approach and benefits:


  • Forest School activities provide opportunities to promote physical, cognitive, social and emotional development at any age.

  • We believe being in green spaces to be hugely beneficial to the well being of both adults and children. 

  • Many children who find the confines of school a challenge, excel at Forest School. 

  • Forest School gives young people the chance to see changing seasons and weather first hand. It teaches them life skills of preparation and planning and how to manage adversity. 

  • Forest School teaches young people to manage risk. We enable young people to use tools safely, to make fires safely and cook over the fire.

  • We also teach and foster problem solving skills, allow young people to make decisions and make choices.

  • We believe that with correct clothing, we can be outside in all sorts of different weathers, with the exceptions of high winds, storms or extreme heat. 

Sessions have a theme - like the seasons, or weather, using a particular tool, a game or particular skill. We believe in child led learning so will offer activities but also follow and build on the interests of the children.


Forest school can be a particular benefit to children:


  • With additional needs or disabilities 

  • Children With behavioural problems, social emotional difficulties, low self-esteem

  • Those at risk of exclusion

  • Those who would benefit from more physical activity

  • Poor attenders

  • And anyone who might otherwise have limited access to the outdoors


"We believe in the value of making or doing something, rather than an end product."


Accredited by Archimedes 

OUR PHILOSOPHY and our supporters

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